Moisture Testing Services

With more than 35 years in the flooring and concrete repair business, I have earned a solid reputation for my professionalism, knowledge, integrity and service. You can be confident in knowing that a seasoned veteran has your back. I stay up to date on all the latest developments. Certified by two of the most recognized inspection entities in the industry.  I can help you with moisture testing, document review, concrete repair, flooring installations and project management.

Highlighted Projects

I always strive to provide my clients with accurate results which help in avoiding potential flooring failures.

Below are a couple of medical projects that I worked on:

the moisture testing guy

Medical Facility Southern California

I performed an inspection and post-installation testing on a recent remodel which was less than a year old and experiencing failures in the ER entrance and surrounding areas at an extremely busy trauma center.  The failures stemmed from a combination of high rolling loads and substrate moisture issues.

The original project lacked the following: Clear and concise specifications. Adequate assessment of the areas, which included moisture testing.  Proper preparation methods. Application of treatments and patching compounds. Professional flooring installation. 

Result:  Do-over.

Another medical facility Northern California 

the moisture testing guy

This project was a warehouse conversion to a new central pharmacy for a major medical provider.  The existing concrete contained metal at the surface, and in the joints.  Special attention was needed for this scenario. (before)

the moisture testing guy

After removal of the metal anchors and  joint material, structural repair techniques were performed.    The slab was then treated for substrate moisture using an epoxy-based moisture mitigation system and a self-leveling underlayment.  The overall flooring installation looked amazing and am proud to be part of the project.

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