Highlighted Projects

Blisters in epoxy flooring

Airplane Hangar - Sacramento CA

This hangar was experiencing failure of a recently installed epoxy flooring.  


Bubbles in flooring at a medical facility

Medical Facility - Southern CA

Proper flooring specifications are crucial for long term performance.

Vinyl tile picture framing

High Tech Campus - Sunnyvale CA

Moisture testing could have helped in avoiding this failure.

Mottled flooring

Middle School - Saratoga CA

Modernization of schools usually require abatement of Asbestos Containing Materials. This process can often lead to failures of the replacement flooring.  


Efflorescence in grout

Moisture testing and inspections

Chemical migration is a result of high vapor emission rates and soluble compounds either from the raw materials used in the concrete itself, the sub-base or soil.

Blisters in flooring

Dialysis Center - Hayward CA

Sometimes while remodeling incompatible materials are used, which result in adverse chemical reactions.